History essay belongs to the type of college custom essay writing which describes an argument or a claim about one or two historical events supported by the strong evidences and references. Traditionally, working on your history essay, you’re asked to come up with the possible causes and effects pertaining to the highlighted event.  However, before you approach the concluding paragraph, you should carry out a profound investigation and logically analyze all evidences.

How to Structure Your History Essay

Introductory paragraph:

A convincing and informative introduction is the key element of history essay. In actual fact, it should communicate the main subject of your writing. To reach the maximum effect, your thesis statement should directly answer the question of your assignment. The rest of this paragraph has to define the supporting ideas you are going to develop later.

Body paragraph:

In the body paragraphs of your history essay, you need to provide strong historical evidences that would support your thesis statement. Keep in mind that each new paragraph has to discuss only one idea. The next sentences in the paragraph should prove the topic sentence.


The conclusion should restate your thesis statement and sum up all points mentioned in the entire body of your work. The best way to write an applicable concluding paragraph is to answer the following question: “What was the issue I was trying to highlight?”

What to Avoid in Your History Essay

Rich and convincing language is a core element in any academic paper. Pretty often, all students neglect this aspect and use awkward constructions and complex sentences. Well, to make your history essay outstanding, you should avoid the following items:

Flowery language and awkward phrases
Highly opinionated statements
Irrelevant facts
Complex sentences and grammar structures

Popular Topics to Have a Look at

Admittedly, you’ll be on the halfway to your academic success if you manage to choose an appropriate topic for your history essay. To facilitate this process, our certified writers at crbctechnology.com have completed a list of possible examples you might be interested in:

The Indian Removal Act
The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
The development of America during the Revolutionary War
The Politics in 20th Century Russia
The Declaration of Paris
The Cuban Missile Crisis
Vietnam War protests and the student movements of the 1960s
The nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The invasion of Panama
The creation of the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution
Genocide in Rwanda
Roman Catholic Church

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