Are you struggling to write a good argumentative essay? Well, there could be numerous reasons behind your failure but the most common which most of the students fall in to the trap of is following the wrong argumentative essay format. The fact of the matter is that most students do not follow any structure at all in writing an essay. The purpose of this article is to talk about or elaborate on the argumentative essay format so that students are well-informed and well-equipped to write such sorts of essays. Before we go into the details of argumentative essay format, it is worth pointing out that persuasive essay differs from normal essays in many ways.

Presentation style

Unlike other essay formats, students are allowed to take an explicit stance on a matter of their choice. The objective of writing such an essay is to impart the knowledge and skills of persuasions in the writer. Thus, the writer has to convince the readers on his or her own stance by giving relevant arguments. Coming back to the argumentative essay structure, your own knowledge of the topic could prove insufficient. There is a presentation style which you need to follow in order to write an excellent argumentative essay.

Personal beliefs

Another worth mentioning aspect in writing argumentative essays is that you should not aim to express your beliefs in it since most of them are usually irrational and that is why they are termed as beliefs. In other words, building your arguments about irrational faiths and beliefs could prove disastrous for your argumentative essay format. Therefore, it is imperative for you to refrain from incorporating or arguing about your personal beliefs in the persuasive essay and try to make it as much formal as possible.

Thesis statement

The first part in the argumentative essay format is introduction in which the objective is to introduce the topic in a very comprehensive and legible way so that readers become aware of the dilemma or problem you are trying to address. In addition to that, you also need to make aware of your stance on the issue to the readers in this part as well. The stance is usually expressed in the form of a clear and concise thesis statement. The content in the argumentative essay format will have all the evidentiary examples.